1 years ago
Throwing this out to the other mods here.

I'll cop to not having been around as much as I should have been in 2016 (and entirely missing the 2015 purge), but in the last 8 months this booru has gained something like three thousand channel-tan posts.

Until summer 2016 OCs here were either board-tans, /co/ "project" OCs (Nicky Two-Vests, Chaptor, Mam'Aries, Golden Girl), or self-aware /co/ property donut steels (Maggie, Grieve-Tan, Robley Quinn). And the board-tan posts you DO see here heavily focus on /co/, /aco/ and /mlp/.

Channel-tans have almost no connection to /co/ beyond having been created there and starting with two characters representing the biggest cartoon broadcasters. However at this point they now cover the gamut of broadcast and streaming networks and aren't even used to produce comics for the most part.

The last time something like this happened it was Grieve-Tan who should have been moved to her own booru, but we had no idea /co/ drawfags would quickly provide enough fanart *on /co/* to the point that her tagged posts here would outnumber posts tagged Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, She-Hulk, Panda Delgado, etc.

Also my fault is not aliasing 'personification' to what it was intended to be used for here, 'humanization (of anthro character)' and not 'English alias for gijinka.' There even used to be a rule number for humanization but it didn't catch on and has been forgotten.

Super autism bonus round:
I've asked the devs whether it's possible to duplicate the-collection to another booru instance, filtering out everything that doesn't hold the relevant tags and any users who didn't submit C-T tagged content (leaving our mods and I don't much care which mod becomes that board's admin). This way the posts would retain their metadata and timestamps, the people who posted them and mods that updated their tags, etc. Assuming that were possible then we'd purge or substantially prune back entries here.

I'd rather this stuff had its own place to live instead of mass deleting it and making people mad but I'd also like to know other mods' feelings about relaxing the booru's definition of relevant.

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