3 years ago
Deletion of My Giant Friend pictures
I see the strict source rules continue to be an issue. I uploaded a whole bunch of My Giant Friends pictures that got erased with no input from anyone.

The JMD ones are from his tumblr, and the post don't mention it, but they were originally posted in /co/.

The most egregious case is the Psu picture, as that was explicitely made in a My Giant Friend thread. It can't be found on neither Psu's dA or tumblr.

The only sources google returns are /u/ threads on the show, but those are all reposts.

The fact is that /co/ has NEVER had a reliable archive, and with the lost of Archive.Moe most drawfagottry can't reliably be traced back to its sources.

I was preparing to upload a whole bunch of Zone pictures that were made specifically in /co/, but now I'm refraining because I expect them gone within a day.

Also work by Mk, Scarlet, Mindwipe, and others, that is either ancient or was made at +4 (the latter of which should also be allowed, as the explicit purpose of Plus4Chan was an alternative for drawfags in a time when 4chan was down or hunting down drawfaggotry that broke rules or just drawfagottry in general).
3 years ago
There's posts that, since the lost of Moe, keep updating the source cited with Desu, or other sites that archive 4chan. That might help.

mrseyker said:
but now I'm refraining because I expect them gone within a day.

Up to you, really.
2 years ago
Ok, why am I not allowed to post anymore?

EDIT: Ok, I can access the upload page again. Was freaking out for a moment there.

I still want to continue discussing the uploading and deletion of pictures.

I was looking over my folders and found etc's TCW fanart made in the old Clone Wars generals, but I still fear these random deletions.

What are my guaranties against these if I can't provide a source for the picture. It's just my word against others.

A lot of these pictures I know they belong because I happened to be in the threads where they were posted.

And that's about all that can be said about their source. A lot of these are really old drawfaggotry. Whithout a source in the archives, it's just faith and word of mouth.

Worse is that re-uploads are not even possible, and according to old forum posts, I need to edit pictures in order to bypass the "already uploaded" message.

That goes against everything I believe as a drawfag collector and fellow Artist.
2 years ago
User "girlyman" has been uploading very old pictures that were either lost in the Great Deletion last year, or predate The /co/llection entirely; I've recognised a few things drawn by myself and CarelessDoodler. In light of this, as sources will be hard to verify, I would suggest to the Moderators to hold off on deleting such images until we can discuss them (in the comments) and come to some kind of consensus on their origin.

It may be necessary to make an edit of convenience and upload a copy of an image. Being digital, these images are all copies of copies anyway, the "originals" being on the artist's hard drive (and if they've been transferred from an old computer to a new one, are they even "original" any more?).
2 years ago
girlyman might be using one of my old archives for the Adventure Time pictures. A lot of these threads are not on any archive site since several predate moe.

There's at least a thousand pics from those threads that never made it onto the booru.
And I am not exaggerating that number.
2 years ago
Yesterday I uploaded Looney Tunes pictures by CarelessDoodler. Today they are gone.

Those pictures were all made in the Loney Tunes generals we used to have on the saturdays when new episodes aired.

Every single one of those pictures was /co/ created content that fit the uploade requirements. Now they are gone.

I also uploaded a bunch of HTTYD pictures, that were also made in the generals we had about the first movie years ago. If I see them deleted I'm going to punch a goddamn wall.

Also noticed that I can't upload DS-Hina's HTTYD picture, because someone already uploaded it and it's already been deleted from the database. Despite the fact that Hina stuck a big ass "For /co/" right above the picture.

This is fucking ridiculous.

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