2 years ago
Gaang Jr. Uploads
I've been thinking about uploading Gaang Jr. pictures that I had saved on my HDD, and wondering if they are acceptable content.

For those not aware, Gaang Jr. was a) fan-made sequel by /co/mrades at the /a/vatar board on Plus4Chan.

We came up with offspring for the Gaang, adult designs for the Gaang itself, secondary characters antagonists, locations, animals.

It used to have even a Wiki and its own archive for 34 deliveries.

2 years ago
Sorry for the necro, but it raised a useful issue to address. As usual, I don't speak for all the admins here.

– Like most boorus and /co/ itself, this is generally a repository for finished pieces of well-known character art with a self-explanatory context. "Making of" materials like backgrounds, preliminary character designs, sketches, etc., work better in their own boorus (speaking from experience here, btw).

— Most /co/mrades these days won't recognize the Gaang Jr. (despite originating on /co/) or know their context. If the janitor doesn't blow a gasket, repost it to /co/ explaining it.

— This booru *does* accept art posted (originally) to the other chans, as long as it's not a repost from somewhere else like tumblr or dA. But again, finished art.

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